Lin Lin

Kobe CON ( up )

I’m back~

Let everyone waited for some time,

Kobe CON!

Though today’s weather is super hot, but everyone’s passion is then the real HOT!

Photo display TIME~


hm, tired hard already, but still have cut……

Eventually finding people to take is perfect~



Chinese 2 group

Today will stop her, tomorrow will continue the photo display 2nd half!~


Weather hot must drink more water, eat more fruits~

So, Good night everyone

Genkide, tanoshiku, HAPPY na mainichi ga arimasuyoni.

Oyasayumi AND Guusurinrin

Today’s……+La Corda d’Oro

Wear a good shoe, able to walk properly~

Today’s shoes~

Today’s food~

Today’s drink~

Today’s LinLin, YEAH~

met today’s Sister Kame~haha

Night time went to watch Sasaki chan and Miyoshi san’s La Corda d’Oro Stella Musical  with Ai-chan and Aika.

Must know that La Corda d’Oro is one of LinLin’s SUPER favourite comic.


Everyone acted well, music is also nice~

See till I also want to act already~Haha, I really like the stage!

Tomorrow is concert day!~

Everyone please lend us your support~

Weather is hot everyone please take care~

So Good Night everyone~

Genkide, tanoshiku, HAPPY na mainichi ga arimasuyoni.



Today is also a super hot day~

LinLin drank lots of water today, everyone also must take note to replenish water~

Dig out many old pictures~HUHU

I really miss them~

Everyone follow LinLin to relive those days~

Photo gallery, START!~


Haha, really miss those days~

So, Good Night everyone

Genkide, tanoshiku, HAPPY na mainichi ga arimasuyoni.

Oyasayumin AND Guusurinrin


Yesterday’s ‘xiao qiang’ incident, thank you everyone for your comforts and recommendations~

Got many courage~YEAH!THANK YOU~

Today continue to share with everyone pictures in Nagoya and Hello!Project members’ picture~

Nagoya photo gallery PART 2~ Start!

Slipped into EGG’s restroom and group picture,


This costume has a Gundam feel,

what does everyone feel? ~Haha


Stand Routine YEAH!

Hope 1 day can have a Hello!Project concert in my homeland~

Tomorrow must wake up early, getting ready to sleep~

So, Good night everyone

Genkide, tanoshiku, HAPPY na mainichi ga arimasuyoni.

Oyasayumin AND Guusurinrin

Fancall! IN Nagoya! ~+700K

Everyone had waited long, I’m back~

blog hits over 700K!!

So happy~Really thank you for your love!~LinLin feel so blessed that I could spread happiness here!

Reading everyone’s comment here gives me strength~From now onwards also let us spend some great time together~

Fancall ! IN Nagoya!~


Really very HIGH~

The power of Hello!Project’s members gathering together is so powerful~HUHU

Below is Photo gallery~

AH! CUT…….

Everyone looks extremely cute right?~HUHU

Rainy season is really……ya~just before this, apartment corridor appeared 1!~


So scary~made me don’t dare to walk for a long time…….ah…indeed, even my manager was alerted……haha

Anyway, now already safely in the apartment, anyone had any effect way to cope with “xiao qiang” (cockroach) ~help LinLin~

hm, don’t say “xiao qiang” already, today must sleep good!

So, Good Night everyone

Genkide, tanoshiku, HAPPY na mainichi ga arimasuyoni.

Oyasayumin AND Guusurinrin

Single release event in Yokohama

Single release event!

one again a HIGH day~

STAFF bought us delicious snacks~

Ahh…..something big happened…….

Ai-chan said “LinLin STOP!” and then

This great picture was born……haha

Sister Kame washing her face~

LinLin skills for today is not bad~ Mostly never got cut~





hm…..still got accident happen…….haha

Tomorrow is Hello! Project 2010 SUMMER ~fancall!~concert 1st day!~

YEAH~ looking forward to it~

Must set off early in the morning, so LinLIn must hurry sleep now~

So , Good Night everyone

genkide, tanoshiku, HAPPY na mainichi ga arimasuyoni.

Oyasayumin AND Guusurinrin

Dragon Quest + cucumber incident

Today’s weather is really hot~ Felt like melting once I step out of my door~

Gotten Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Victory and SLIME bag!


So happy

This is for Wii, hope to play it fast~HUHU

Closeup shot of the bag

with Ai-chan eating chinese cuisine.

taking food……

After that, incident happened……

cucumber dropped……

……cucumber closeup shot, haha

Ai-chan you are too cute already, Haha.

Tomorrow is Single release event~ longing for it~

So, Good Night everyone

Genkide, tanshiki, HAPPY na mainichi ga arimasuyoni.


Kusumi san Happy Birthday

Today is a fine day~ Kusumi san ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Early in the morning have photo taking session!

Getting ready


In the middle of shooting~

Hungry~ What to eat??

Fill up stomach, contining

At night with Ai-chan and Aika together for an interview~

After that went to eat chinese cuisine with Ai-chan

Today is also an enriched day~

Tomorrow also must continue to work hard~


So, Good night everyone

Genkide, tanoshiku, HAPPY na mainichi ga arimasuyoni.



Tokyo time is 12!!!!

Kusumi san~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!~

Happy Birthday!


Though nowadays don have have much chances to meet, but we are good friends forever~~

Kusumi san daisuki~


Today’s blog is just only for Koharu’s blessing, let us all bless the cute Koharu~

So, Good Nigh everyone

Genkide, tanoshiku, HAPPY na mainichi ga arimasuyoni


Sister Rabbit’s Birthday + shopping dairy

Happy Birthday Sister Rabbit!!!!! For today onwards also must be the cutest in the entire universe~HUHU

with Ai-chan Shopping DAY!!

Ai-chan gave LinLin mask, strawberry picture is so cute~~

First is 2 of us  before going off…….no, 1 and a half to be exact……

Eating TIME!~

MENU is Korean cuisine

dumplings are super big

black rice roll!

Ai-chan eating…….

not scared of spicy, so envy

There is shower rain today.

Sure enough, rain woman really lives up to her reputation~haha

In the middle Ai-chan felt a bit cold, so she bought clothes, , To one’s surprise it’s Choppa~~~

This back view is full of ai (Love ) ~~HUHU

Going home~~

Suddenly realized forgot to take picture of myself…………………..OH MY GOD…..

Ok, took a picture of LINLIN with strawbeey mask~

personally think that this really suit me, haha!

So, Goog night everone

genkide, tanoshiki, HAPPY na mainichi ga arimasuyoni.


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